Motorcycle Roadcraft


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Motorcycle Roadcraft is the police handbook for rider training, used by all the emergency services and a key reference for all riding instructors. It’s essential reading if you want to develop your riding ability and safety to a more advanced level.

The new edition has been revised, updated and redesigned to include best practice in police riding. It’s been guided by a working group of experienced instructors from the police and other emergency services, who have consulted widely with civilian and academic experts.

Motorcycle Roadcraft is packed with:

  • tips and techniques to help you reduce the risks that all riders face from the actions of other road users
  • advice on managing the personal tendencies, states of mind, emotions and sources of stress that could put you at risk even before you get on your machine
  • updated information on techniques for corning safely
  • comprehensive explanations and advice to raise your riding abilities to a new level
  • eco-riding tips to reduce your fuel consumption
  • lively full colour illustrations and diagrams to explain the key principles and techniques for better riding.

The new edition features:

  • new chapters on slow speed manoeuvring and emergency response riding
  • learning points clearly set out for individual learning of formal instruction
  • self-assessment questions throughout to help you improve your riding safety.


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